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The symptoms of PCOS can vary from women to women.

…therefore, a woman often does not realize she has the syndrome!

Public information and awareness about the symptoms and the serious nature of the disorder are crucial to identifying women in need of treatment. In addition, for women to make informed decisions about their health management, the information upon which they base their decisions should be accurate, current, based on well-performed research studies and obtained from well-informed and well-trained physicians and other caregivers. This information must be easy for the general public to find and understand.

‘Conquer PCOS’ has been created with just that in mind; to spread awareness about this lesser known condition and get more women diagnosed.

Our core objectives with conquer PCOS are the following

  • Spread awareness about the condition
  • Get more women diagnosed
  • Offer support for women with PCOS
  • Create a forum

Conquer PCOS is a joint effort by Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, India’s leading chain of Laboratories and the PCOS society of India.

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